How to Launch Your New Marketing Website
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Launch Your Online Business In 6 Weeks

We've launched stunning websites for Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, and Sonia Choquette. We know what it takes to elevate an online brand. In this FREE online workshop we'll show you everything you need to know about creating your website, writing copy, choosing photography, growing your list and generating revenue.

Saturday, February 24  

Session #2 Unlocks: 12PM EST

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Jason Alan Miller - Peaceful Media

"Anyone can Google Search a tutorial on 'web design.'  

But what about effective copywriting? What about opt-in forms and building your list? And how, at the end of the day, are you going to make money from your site? 

Rather than searching YouTube endlessly to answer these questions one by one, please join us for our online web development series where we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to create, design and market an incredible website."

—JASON MILLER aka "JAM" (Co-Founder of Peaceful Media)

What We Will Cover.


How the most successful web designers stucture the homepage.


How you communicate to your audience that they are in the "right place."


If you own a business website, these are the 10 things you must be doing in order to succeed.

List Building.

We will show you exactly how to build your opt-in pages and start growing your list.

A Gameplan.  

We're going to leave you with a step by step guide for how to get your new website up in just 6-8 weeks.


We'll discuss the 3 most common ways thought leaders and solo entrepreneurs monitize their sites.

Outside Opinions.

"Brendon Burchard highly recommended we work with the Peaceful Media team to develop a world-class, modern, beautifuly branded website. They pulled off a miracle."

-Jeff Walker Founder of 'PLF' (Project Launch Formula)

“There are a lot of courses out there that show one piece of the puzzle, but this course literally walks people through how to set a business up online."

-Dr. Carrie Rose Founder of the 'Course Creator Method'